Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Unscheduled Meetings...

Fife council has scheduled an extra planning meeting for the North East Fife Planning Committee next Wednesday 18th April, 9.30am at Elmwood College in Cupar. There will be two turbine applications considered at this meeting that we have been concerned about at SCALE -

Higham Farm - 2 turbines of 112ft (Planning Ref. 11/05331/FULL)


North Cassingray Farm - 1 turbine of 112ft (Planning Ref. 11/06388/FULL)

Further details on these proposals are on Fife Council web site (see details below), and if you want to object to either, you can still do so, as Fife Council will accept objections up until the day before the proposals go to the committee for decision. However, if you are unable to submit your objection via the website, then you can e-mail them directly to the Committee Councillors as follows:- and
You must write your letter of objection and save it as a PDF before sending it as an attachment to the above e-mail addresses...

Send a copy of it to the following Councillors...

...and it's always useful to send a copy to the following politicians while you're at it!

We'll let you know the outcome as soon as we know the result...


  1. Is this the same Andrew Arbuckle
    "Checking the background of the directors serving on Newburgh Community Enterprises Ltd, we also see an Andrew Arbuckle serving on the board, who is also listed as a director for Newburgh Community Trust"
    No conflict of interest there then.
    Ref writing to Rod Campbell: would he speak out against his Great Leader. Doubt it!
    And Ming? He's out of the same package as Chris Huhne so not much support there

  2. Dear Peter,

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Sadly, we would share some of your doubts about Messrs Arbuckle, Campbell and Ming, however, Mr Arbuckle is Chair of the North East Fife Planning Committee (although he may not be after the next Council election), and it never hurts to let the politicians know what the people who will be voting in the next Parliamentary Elections are thinking and likely to vote for, or indeed against. Who knows, the politicians may change their positions if enough of us keep writing.


    SCALE blog editor