Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Turbine Objections Update...

After the Easter break, here is an update on the number of objections that each application on the East Neuk Ridge currently has on record at Fife Council.

Higham Farm - 2 turbines of 112ft (Planning Ref. 11/05331/FULL)

16 Objections

North Cassingray Farm - 1 turbine of 112ft (Planning Ref. 11/06388/FULL)

16 Objections

South Cassingray Farm - 2 turbines of 325ft (Planning Ref. 10/02616/FULL)

Appeal being considered by Scottish Executive

North Baldutho Farm - 2 turbines of 95ft (Planning Ref. 11/01314/FULL)

7 Objections

South Baldutho Farm - 2 turbines of 150ft and 152ft (Planning Refs. 11/04749/FULL &11/04748/FULL)

128 and 131 Objections respectively

Belliston Quarry - 1 turbine of 304ft (Planning Ref. 11/01449/SCR & 11/03580/SCO) 

Full Application not yet submitted to Fife Council

Lingo & South Kinaldy Farms - 5 turbines of 325ft (Planning Ref. 12/00129/EIA)

219 Objections

Pittarthie Farm - 2 turbines of 286ft (Planning Ref, 11/00135/SCR & 11/00180/SCR)

Full Application not yet submitted to Fife Council

Balhouffie Farm - 1 turbine of 112ft

Application Granted

Drumrack, Bonerbo and Balmonth Farms - 3 turbines of 218ft (Planning Ref. 12/00482/FULL)

22 Objections

Kenly Farm (University Site) - 6 turbines of 325ft (Planning Ref. 11/0279/EIA)

368 Objections

Muirhead Farm Livery Stables - 1 turbine 112ft

Application Refused by FC Planning 21.3.12 (8 Objections)

If you want to object to any or indeed, all of these applications and help to save the East Neuk Coastal Ridge from descending into industrialised ruin, here's how you can do it...

How to Object:

1. On-line at www.planning.fife.gov.uk/online/
You can lodge your objection to any, or all of the above planning applications at the Council's planning web site. Simply put the name or reference number into the search engine, to bring up the application, and type away....

2. By e-mail to development.central@fife.gov.uk.
You must write your letter of objection and save it as a PDF before sending it as an attachment to the above e-mail address. It's always useful to send a copy of it to the following individuals as well while you're at it....!

3. Or you can simply send a letter by traditional post to 
Enterprise, Planning and Protective Services
Forth House
Abbotshall Road
Please put your Objections in to the Council and let them know that NE Fife is not the place for large-scale Turbine Developments.

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