Wednesday, 11 April 2012

S.C.A.L.E. Mail

When returning from holiday it's always good to find mail in your in-box, and we found a couple of interesting mails from members of the local community that, in the interests of openess, we thought we ought to share....

Firstly, from Mr Rogers, Chair of the CDT

Some members of the CDT would like an oportunity to meet with members of SCALE. If you would like to let me have some dates, I shall see if I can set up the meeting
Grahame Rogers

Our reply...

Dear Mr Rogers,
Thank you for your email.
We can see no reason to comply with the request you make on behalf of some of your members for a meeting.
Yours sincerelySCALE blog editor

And secondly, from Mr Anstruther, the owner of North Baldutho Farm, where there is currently an application for two 95 ft turbines to be considered by Fife Council.

Good morning S.C.A.L.E,
two things:  firstly, can I join?  I recognise the importance of the landscape around Carnbee & Arncroach and I am always keen to engage with residents (I assume you are a resident of the Community Council area) about it.  
I assume your group is open to all and I would be very grateful if you could let me know how I can become a member.
Secondly, glad to see you championing democracy.  one of the key foundations for it is transparency.  Please could you let me know your thinking behind anonymity?  It doesn’t seem to fit with your principled stance on local democracy ... or have I got that wrong?  It would be good to ensure that your views are reflected in the discussions at the Community Council.  It will be entirely up to the Council, but I can see fairly fundamental difficulties with the principle of reflecting the views of an anonymous group of unknown size or provenance?  Do you agree?
Thank youToby

Our response...

Dear Mr Anstruther,
Thank you for your email.
We are a group of volunteers, trying to protect the landscape and environment we love.
Members have every right to remain anonymous if they wish and they do not have to give a reason to do so. Given the tight nexus of family, business, landlord-tenant and social relationships which connect people in this area, and the conflict which wind has already caused in the community, it does not take a great leap of imagination to understand why individuals might wish to remain anonymous.
We appreciate your concern for democracy and transparency, but suggest that it would be better directed at the CDT - which is lacking in both these qualities, and which through your factor you are in a position to influence. Similarly the overlap between the CDT and the CC has consistently compromised the latter’s ability to function as a fair and neutral conduit for community views.
While membership of SCALE is open to all, members are expected genuinely to want to preserve and enhance the landscape and environment.You may of course write to us with your reasons why industrial wind development is landscape enhancing and we will consider these reasons.
Yours sincerelySCALE blog editor

We will of course, keep you up to date with any further correspondence we receive from these sources...

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