Wednesday, 13 June 2012

An Update on the East Neuk Ridge...

Currently in planning along East Neuk Ridge from Largoward to Boarhills (this does not include those turbines already consented but not yet erected, eg 2 x 37 m at Higham and 1 x 38m and 1 x 23m at Balhouffie)

North Cassingray Farm - 1 turbine of 112ft / 34.2m 
(Planning Ref. 11/06388/FULL)

South Cassingray Farm - 2 turbines of 325ft / 100m (Planning Ref. 10/02616/FULL)Appeal being considered by Scottish Executive

North Baldutho Farm - 2 turbines of 95ft / 29m (Planning Ref. 11/01314/FULL)
Knightsward - 1 turbine of  108ft / 33m (Planning Ref. 
12/02174/SCR)Screening opinion
South Baldutho Farm - 2 turbines of 151ft / 46m  and 156ft / 47.5m (Planning Refs. 11/04749/FULL &11/04748/FULL)

Belliston Quarry - 2 turbines of 304ft / 92.5m (Planning Ref. 11/01449/SCR & 11/03580/SCO) Papers not yet submitted to Fife Council but “community consultation” started

Lingo & South Kinaldy Farms - 5 turbines of 335ft /102 m (Planning Ref. 12/00129/EIA)

Pittarthie Farm - 2 turbines of 220ft / 67m  (Planning Ref, 11/00135/SCR & 11/00180/SCR)Full Application not yet submitted to Fife Council

Drumrack, Bonerbo and Balmonth Farms - 3 turbines of 220ft / 67 m (Planning Ref. 12/00482/FULL)

Kenly Farm (University Site) - 6 turbines of 325ft / 100m (Planning Ref. 11/0279/EIA)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

At Last - a National Voice against the Turbine Madness...

Hi All,
Just to let you know that a New National Wind Farm Action Group is being Launched by Lord Carlile QC at Westminster today.

THURSDAY 19th APRIL 4.00pm.   NOW Is The Time To Say NO!

National Opposition to Wind Farms (NOW)..........
Lord Carlile of Berriew QC will lead a meeting of MPs and Members of House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster to launch a national campaign to oppose the building of wind farms and the associated pylons and infrastructure.
Our coalition government has been shaken by the number of MPs openly stating their opposition to policy on wind energy.

The more support NOW can collect, the greater the chance of influencing the disastrous public policy on wind-energy which pays landowners and energy giants huge subsidies to destroy our countryside.
How Can You Help? 
Show that there is public support for this countrywide initiative by………
Publicising the NOW charter on and get as many other people to indicate support on the web site as you can, if possible before 3.30pm on Thursday 19th

You can also download posters etc. and contact the organisation via the web site.
If people without Internet want to sign, please collect their names and addresses and let Maggie Brown know or tel. 01568 770346.
The NOW Initiative Unites Anti-Wind Farm Campaigners Throughout The UK,
Supported by The Renewable Energy Foundation
 - a major and invaluable source of truth about UK wind energy.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

UK in bird mortality whitewash....

The propaganda is out there - but people are beginning to do the scientific work, hopefully before it's too late:

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Going, going...
 Group opposes Bronte moors turbines
Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group hopes to convince councillors 
to ditch plans to install four wind turbines on the Bronte landscape

Campaigners against a plan to build giant wind turbines on moors associated with the Bronte sisters are making a final attempt to convince councillors and planners to ditch the proposal.
People living close to Thornton Moor, west of Bradford, are hoping to stop the development in its tracks at a meeting next week. The moor is a couple of miles from the famous parsonage at Haworth where the Bronte sisters and their family lived, and which is now preserved as a museum.
Experts say their work - including Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights - was heavily influenced by the moorland landscape of the area. The Bronte Way footpath also runs straight across Thornton Moor.
Developers want to build four turbines next to the route of the footpath. Councillors are due to meet on Wednesday to decide whether to allow the first stage of the plan - a 200ft high wind monitoring mast.
Anthea Orchard, who lives in nearby Denholm Gate and chairs the Thornton Moor Windfarm Action Group, said the Bronte connection is only part of their objection.
She said: "It's too close to a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it's too close to other important sites. It's also too close to many houses in the area. Quite simply, the site is totally inappropriate and we're determined to fight it."


Monday, 16 April 2012