Friday, 13 April 2012

Community Benefit - The New Going Rate?

West Coast Energy, the developer at Lingo Wind Farm on the East Neuk Coastal Ridge, have significantly upped the amount of Community Benefit they are prepared to pay to the Strathairn and Strathdean communities, along with the new University of the Highlands and Islands, in order to try and gain community approval for their plans for yet another wind farm at Daviot.

The 'going rate' for Community Benefit used to be £5,000 per megawatt of installed power, but in the Highlands, WCE have agreed to pay twice that - £10,000 per megawatt of installed power. Why? Could it be that WCE know that the end is in sight for the installation of large-scale wind, and that communities are not prepared to be bought off so cheaply? Or are they just feeling very generous...? And, will they be increasing their Community Benefit offer here in North East Fife in order to try and 'sweeten' the deal at Lingo?

The next meeting of the Lingo Community Benefit Forum is on April 25th - we'll bring you news of any developments as they come in.

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