Thursday, 1 March 2012

Just So you Know......

There are several other on-line places to get info about what's happening on the turbine scene in this area:

Stop St Andrews University Wind Farm -
Join this site on Facebook and find out about what's happening in Fife as well as nationally. A wealth of information about the activities of like-minded people....

If you're not already on Facebook, it's really simple to join:

  • Set up a new email address for yourself – don’t use your real name in the address. This is free and easy to do at such sites as yahoo and googlemail. 

  • Then go to facebook. Fill in the Sign up page. For First and Last Name use a pseudonym. For the email address use your new email address. For age and sex put what you like (but you may get unsolicited approaches if you put yourself as young and female!) Then click the green Sign up button. 

  • STEP 1 – click Skip this step in bottom right hand corner 

  • STEP 2 – click Skip next to the Save and Continue button 

  • STEP 3 - click Skip next to the Save and Continue button 

  • Put STOP ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY WIND FARM in the search box at the top of the page  

  • Click the Ask to join tab and Bob’s your uncle!

  • Other Really Useful Sites to Visit:

    Say No To Lingo -
    A great site that is specifically about stopping the West Coast Energy Proposal at Lingo Farm....

    EFTAG (East Fife Turbine Awareness Group) -
    Has all the information you need on who's applying for what and where....

    APRS (Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland) -
    The Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland....

    Artists Against Wind Farms -
    Does what it says on the tin!

    There are lots of other sites on the net about the many, many campaigns going on nationwide - check them out too. If you find anything interesting, let us all know too!

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