Tuesday, 20 March 2012

And just to liven things up...

We see that Donald Trump has been sticking is two pence worth in again. In the Courier and Advertiser on Monday, he questioned the 'sanity' of the Scottish Government, and reiterated his belief that Alex Salmond is 'hellbent' on destroying Scotland with windfarms.  In the extensive article, George Soriel, Trump's executive vice-president and legal counsel, states

'Scotland is 10 years behind the curve on renewable energies. Just about every country in the world is abandoning wind turbines, from Spain to Holland to the USA.
Wind power has cause great destruction and wasted millions. For example, in Palm Spring, California, 14,000 turbines have been abandoned in the desert because they are inefficient. They don't work. 
Can you imagine the cost of building these things off the coast of St Andrews for example, finding they don't work then abandoning them? 
What kind of rational politician would destroy a site that people have been enjoying from all over the world for centuries? St Andrews is the most iconic golf course in the entire sport. What kind of a madman would compromise that kind of an asset? 
People come to St Andrews from all over the world. The Government should be protecting it and trying to treasure it. It's lunacy. Scotland is the only country going in the opposite direction.'

Donald Trump will be testifying on April 25th, along with Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS) to the Scottish Parliamentary Committee.

Well, love him or hate him, he's not wrong about this one...

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